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Shamanism is a spiritual practice stemming back over 30,000 years, that developed similarly throughout all world cultures, even though there was no physical contact between them. It is not a faith, but a wisdom tradition in which we learn from our own individual, collective and personal experience. The shamanic view is the belief that everything has a spirit, is alive and can therefore be communicated with.

The shaman can at will, enter non – ordinary states of reality in the imaginal realms, to engage with the spirit helpers, ancestors and forces of nature to develop relationships, solve problems, perform healing’s and enhance balance. The shamanic healer is able to work simultaneously in both the spiritual world inhabited by spirit guides, power animals and plant healers and the physical world, to facilitate change or offer advise from a Divine source. The shamanic view is that the weakened soul or spirit is the cause of sickness, weakness or imbalance of the physical, emotional or mental body.This is the result of trauma, spiritual dissociation or a compromised energy field.

The shaman, with a deeply benevolent intent and an unwavering focus, is the vessel by which the vital spiritual healing energies enter our sub- conscious awareness, allowing for alignment, re- association and powerful transformations at the soul level. In being a results based modality, it follows the premise, if it works do it and if it doesn’t, don’t bother!


Benefits of a Shamanic Healing:

+ Enhance ability to create desired life changes
+ Increase vitality and power
+ Heal trauma and conditioning from sexual abuse
+ Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being
+ Release addictions and maintain change
+ Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose
+ Remove energy blocks and cleanse your energy (luminous) body
+ Understand the root causes behind physical illness and heal them
+ Heal emotional trauma and perceptions from early childhood
+ Remove the negative effects or restrictions of past lives
+ Remove energetic attachments
+ Restore your soul to wholeness – retrieve missing parts of yourself
+ Change self limiting or negatives beliefs
+ Release negative behavioural patterns
+ Obtain support through transitions


Shamanic Sessions

Each session is 2 hours long and will include a variety of techniques, including all or some of the following: Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Reiki Healing,Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Perfume Cleansing, Light Healing, Somatic Healing, Guided Imagery Healing and self empowerment techniques.

1st Session   120 minutes             $444

2nd Session    90 minutes             $333

3rd Session    60 minutes              $275

Although he does offer individual sessions that last approximately 2 hours, we recommend a series of 3 sessions for clearing energetic blocks to set you on a path of transformation and renewal.  Typically sessions are 3 weeks to one month apart, however, you determine when you are ready for the 2nd and 3rd session.


Each session goes deeper into the subtle layers of the subconscious 


Our clients typically report significant life changes around 6 months after the first healing, to a level where the changes can no longer be denied.

These sessions are also very helpful for post Ayahuasca integration.

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